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For over two decades, our Tea & Etiquette® consultancy program has infused good manners into cultures worldwide through the universal cup of humanity we know as tea. We now have over one-hundred consultants throughout the United States, Ireland, Ghana, The Cayman Islands, Australia, England, Argentina, Canada, Taiwan, and Denmark.

We incorporate the latest in social and business etiquette with an appreciation of the cultural and historical significance of tea. Tea & Etiquette® programs include both modern manners for children and contemporary etiquette for adults.  Each well-planned program features a step-by-step script and reproducible handouts for your audience.

Tea & Etiquette is the perfect way to increase the visibility and profitability of any tearoom, tea business, or etiquette class.

The current edition is completely updated to include all the new information about the fast-growing specialty tea market.

Everything you need is included in the box so that you can begin teaching immediately. The optional on-site education seminars are no longer offered.

The Etiquette of Tea



  Dorothea Johnson's master class instructional material used for years in her three-day Tea & Etiquette® programs hosted by The Protocol School of Washington®. Completely updated and revised.
  • A chapter on Organizing Your Business, including promotional material and ideas on how you can turn your love for tea and etiquette into a profitable business.
  • A compact disc containing digital files of all the artwork, templates, and word files needed to customize your own workbooks to use with your audiences.
  • A TEA & ETIQUETTE CONSULTANT certificate suitable for framing.



Business Etiquette & Tea®

Today's savvy business person is aware that most business is conducted not at the conference table but at social functions.  Discussing a project over tea is a popular alternative to the traditional business lunch or dinner.  This seminar presents the latest social and business etiquette applicable to one's personal and professional life.  Participants receive an illustrated workbook.

Social Skills for Students®

As young people prepare to enter today's competitive labor market, they often realize they are lacking in simple social and dining skills needed to navigate a successful job or college interview. This focused class helps students master the modern manners and timeless courtesies needed to bring them to the head of the line.

Teddy Bear Tea & Etiquette®

This program is for the young and young at heart.  Teddy Bear, a capital bear, treats his guests to an imaginary tea at the White House.  Preparing for tea at the White House with Teddy Bear will demonstrate situations that call for knowing and using correct etiquette at tea time.  Participants are encouraged to bring their teddy bears.

Tea & Etiquette® with Alice

For the adventuresome of all ages, we invite participants to explore Alice's exciting trip through Wonderland.  Modern manners and timeless courtesies are interwoven throughout the program.

Afternoon Tea & Etiquette

The tradition of afternoon tea is attributed to Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford in 1840.  Tea progressed from a simple "drink with jam and bread" into a full-blown social event.  Participants enjoy a fine pot of tea, traditional fare, and a refresher of dining etiquette essentials.

High Tea & Etiquette

Finish the day with the most substantial of the tea meals.  High tea is synonymous with an evening of hearty and traditional foods complimented by a selection of fine teas.  An etiquette program precedes the High Tea meal.

Mothers' & Daughters' Tea & Etiquette

What could be more endearing than a shared cup of tea with one's mother or daughter!  This is the perfect opportunity for grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and granddaughters to enjoy one another's company and at the same time learn the etiquette associated with teatime.

Victorian Tea & Etiquette

The Victorian Era was opulent and extravagant.  Afternoon tea parties were fashionable and knowledge of the social graces important.  Enjoy tea while learning the etiquette of teatime today.

Valentine Tea & Etiquette

Love and friendship go hand-in-hand with tea on Valentine's Day. An enchanting tea combined with etiquette is the perfect gift for a special person of any age.

Tea & Etiquette®

To embellish any celebrated gathering, invite family and friends to tea.  Enhance the holidays with a refresher of the social nuances associated with teatime.

Seasonal Tea & Etiquette

Capture the essence of the changing season.  The crisp days of Winter, the fragrance of Spring, the warmth of Summer, and Autumn's array of colors create tranquil times to enjoy life's bounty.  Celebrate each season with tea and a refresher about the etiquette of teatime.

Bruce Richardson's Tea Lover's Guide

Learn how to host a successful tea tasting in a classroom, tea room, tea bar, or home setting. Bruce details the script, equipment and setting that will guarantee your success before an eager audience of tea drinkers - large or small.


Our upgrade guarantee:  Our editors are constantly at work improving this MasterClass manual.  You will receive all upgrades free of charge for one full year following your purchase.


 Tea & Etiquette Training

The Tea & Etiquette Masterclass

was designed by

Dorothea Johnson, founder of

The Protocol School of Washington®


Dorothea Johnson is the Founder of The Protocol School of Washington® and President of Dorothea Johnson Productions, Inc. She has presented etiquette and protocol seminars and briefings to more than 50,000 individuals worldwide. Ms. Johnson served as protocol advisor to The Joint Military Attache' School, Washington, D.C.  She is the author of The Little Book of Etiquette, as well as co-author of Tea & Etiquette and Children's Tea & Etiquette

As a frequent contributor to trade and business publications she ranks as one of the most widely quoted etiquette and protocol experts in the United States of America.

Dorothea Johnson is Resident Etiquette Expert for The Ellen DeGeneres Show



Bruce Richardson is a writer, tea blender, and frequent guest speaker at tea conferences across the country.  He spends much of his time educating Americans in the art of celebrating afternoon tea.  He can often be found appearing on television and radio talk shows, or as a guest speaker at professional seminars such as World Tea Expo.

Bruce serves as Tea Master for the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. He is the tea columnist for TeaTime magazine and Contributing Editor for TEA magazine.

The author of 14 tea books, Bruce travels the world researching new tea shops for his magazine articles and the latest editions of his Great Tea Rooms books and the Tea in the City travel guides.  
He and his wife Shelley operated a successful tea room for 14 years. They are the owners of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas and Benjamin Press.


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