Silk Road Black Tea
Silk Road Black TeaSilk Road TeaSilk-Road-Black-TeaCaramel

Silk Road Black Tea

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Caravans along the ancient Silk Road brought exotic Chinese treasures to merchants along its winding route heading west; treasures such as tea and rhubarb. Those merchants never tasted tea this delicious. Compare to Mariage Freres Marco Polo.
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Inspired by the legendary trade route that connected Africa, Asia, and Europe, our Silk Road Black Tea is a treasure chest of delicious flavors with notes of caramel, rhubarb, and vanilla. This exotic black tea blend will make you feel like a well-traveled tea adventurer.

Compare our blend to Mariage Freres Marco Polo - at half the price!

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Gets the Rhubarb just right
Nicole McKinney (Kentucky) 5/26/2020 1:18 PM
This beautiful blend is a stout morning tea, with a glorious genuine rhubarb aroma. Rhubarb teas often sorely disappoint me- it's one of those flavors that suggest a fruit flavor, so it may be pleasant, but absolutely nothing like the real article. Thisxonecwas just what I hoped for. Added a little agave, just for research. It punched up the rhubarb a bit, but just a little was just right.
Quite smooth and calming.
David Lester (Central Kentucky ) 3/15/2019 6:36 AM
I'm not a tea expert, but I do love a good glass of tea. That being said, I'll describe this the best I can. Smooth, mellow, calming, delicious. I enjoyed it with just a bit of sugar and stevia enjoyed the flavor, then next cup was the same except added 1 tablespoon of milk. Very mellow, love the different notes as it rolls over the tongue, will definitely add this to my collection. Great job Elmwood.