Cherry Rose Green Pyramid Sachets
Cherry Rose Green Pyramid SachetsCherry Rose Green Pyramid SachetsCherry-Rose-Green-TeaCherry-Rose-Green-Tea-Sachets

Cherry Rose Green Tea Pyramid Sachets

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This classic blend of healthy Japanese Sencha green tea, rose petals,and cherries has all the flavors and aromas of a spring picnic in a Kyoto garden.
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We mix healthy Japanese sencha with rose petals and cherries to give you an enticing blend that is packed with the soothing aromas of a walk through a spring orchard.

15 biodegradable pyramid tea sachets in ECO-FRIENDLY packaging.

Our triangle tea sachets are made of the latest biodegradable woven mesh filter derived from corn starch and polylactic acid. Polylactic acid is also used in surgery, food packaging, and 3D printing. It is obtained by lactic fermentation of glucose derived from corn starch. It does not contain hazardous substances, does not generate dangerous gases, and is both antibacterial and antifungal.

Makes 30 cups of brewed tea. Also available as loose tea.

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Just as expected
Robert G Manley (United States) 7/7/2016 1:27 PM
This is one of the best offerings from Elmwood and caused me to try their other teas. A very unique flavored tea with good quality and delicate flavor but still strong enough for a second brew.Excellent value and something new to try if you are looking for a green tea to drink every day. Also good cold.
I had hoped that it would have a bit more of a floral taste to it from the rose
Ash (United States) 7/7/2016 1:26 PM
This is actually a very tasty tea. I had hoped that it would have a bit more of a floral taste to it from the rose but this is a fine tea. I enjoyed drinking it.
Five Stars
Lawrence F. Swick Jr. (United States) 7/7/2016 1:26 PM
This was a very good flavored green tea perfect green tea for first time green tea drinkers
Quite brilliant.
Terry (Cleveland, TN) 7/7/2016 1:25 PM
I got this tea just to try something new, and it is by far the best green tea I have ever had. The cherry isn't over powering and it has a delicate floral flavor from the roses. The cherry flavor isn't noticed at first, but on the after taste the cherry sits on your tongue. I would recommend this tea to anyone who wants something new to try, or anyone who is just getting into loose leaf teas. I will surely be buying this again and again.