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American Revolution Tea

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Hyson green tea was one of five teas thrown overboard in Boston Harbor in 1773. This Chinese tea was a common tea found both in the American colonies and England. It was a favorite of T. Jefferson, G. Washington and, in the Regency Period, Jane Austen.
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Elmwood Inn Fine Teas received a commission from the National Archives in Washington to produce a private label tea commemorating one of the pivotal events in the colonists' struggle for independence, the 1773 Boston Tea Party.

We now offer this historically-correct Chinese hyson green tea to all our customers. There were five Chinese tea aboard the three ships in Boston Harbor, three of those teas were black and two were green. All 342 chests of loose tea went overboard on December 16.

You will find this tea in all the National Park Gift Stores across New England and in the gift shop at The Boston Tea Party Ships Museum, where our owner Bruce Richardson is the tea history consultant.

Contrary to popular opinion amongst both Civil War and American Revolution Reenactors, brick tea was not found in the soldier's kits during either conflict. Chinese brick tea was transported out of Northern China and into Mongolia, Tibet, and Russia. Europeans tea merchants imported only loose tea.

Gunpowder green tea was originally from China. By the late 1800s, 40% of the green tea in America came from Japan.

Read more about the history of tea in A Social History of Tea by Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson (Elmwood Tea owner).

A Social History of Tea

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My favorite tea!
Bella (Texas) 9/11/2020 11:00 AM
I love green tea and can be pretty picky about the tea I drink. When my last tea ran out, I bought this and drank it all the time! It's got a wonderful flavor, especially when following the instructions on the container. If steeped for too long, it can get bitter, but that goes for all good green tea.
So Fragrant and Wonderful Tasting!!
Marilyn Carrier (Bordentown, NJ) 6/23/2016 4:02 PM
I purchased the hyson tea at the Bunker Hill Museum and gift shop in Boston. It smells so heavenly and tastes so good. I make ice tea with it and really enjoy it.I would definitely buy this again. I'm a fan of really great green tea!